Get peace of mind with your free credit report

As a Desjardins Student Cash Back Visa cardholder, you're eligible for

  • Two gift codes per year - one every six months
  • Each gift code grants you FREE access to your credit report and credit score
  • Once you have accessed your credit report, you can view it for 30 days

How to receive your gift code to access your free credit report

  1. Complete and submit the form.*
  2. A gift code will be displayed on screen and emailed to you if you have provided your email address.
  3. Once you've got your gift code go to TransUnion.
  4. * Please note that any questions on the form are to validate your eligibility and identity only. The information is kept confidential, and does not impact your credit score.

IMPORTANT: If you have less than 6 months of credit usage – Please wait!

If you've never used a credit product before (not including student loans) then you should wait at least 6 months after you have purchased items using your credit, and have made a payment towards the balance before requesting a gift code. This will improve your chances of having a credit file and a score when you redeem your gift code at TransUnion.

Email Notifications

Please check the box below and enter your email address above if you would like to receive notification of a new gift code every six months. You can stop receiving emails at any time. Otherwise, you can request a new gift code from this site every six months.

Click here if you have consulted your credit report within the last 30 days